Learn How These Alumni Each Learned to "Think Like An Owner"

As a Top 35 Global leader in Entrepreneurship education, we are very interested in YOU! We want to know what drives you, what opportunities you seek, and mostly the unique success factors you will need in order to help turn your dreams into reality!

We have Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs as well as Open University opportunities available. You can even develop your business while you earn your degree! With our state-of-the-art classrooms and battle-tested instructional leaders, the CSUSB Entrepreneurship program is dedicated to promoting the unique success of every entrepreneurship student. Our faculty engage you in dynamic hands-on experiential learning to prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey. Our Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) supports direct engagement and networking opportunities with experienced successful entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders within the professional community in order to expose you to the lifestyle and demands of being an entrepreneur.

At CSUSB Entrepreneurship - We fully prepare you as the person (the entrepreneur) and the potential (entrepreneurial success) for the a journey that that fundamentally teaches you to THINK LIKE AN OWNER…right from the start!

Alumni Entrepreneurial Stories of Success

Listen to our alumni and learn just how CSUSB Entrepreneurship defined their future…

Meet Lucy Gallardo

Having won numerous awards and appearing in several national television shows for her business, Inland Empire Auto Body & Paint, Inc., Lucy Gallardo is a proud alumna of CSUSB Entrepreneurship. Winner of the 2012 Spirit of the Entrepreneur - Family Business Entrepreneur Award, Lucy equates her success with the foundation she built leveraging her invaluable education at CSUSB. Hear more about her experience in the program!


Meet Kids That Code

Alfonso Anaya, Pat Person, and Jose Navarrete launched their venture while in the CSUSB Entrepreneurship graduate program! Their venture, Kids That Code, Inc., is a unique program in which children are introduced to computer programming, game development, electronics, and much more. Their programs are offered at local schools, college campuses, and other educational institutions. Click below to hear how the CSUSB Entrepreneurship Catalyst Accelerator was instrumental for them to turn dreams into action.


Meet Mariatu Browne

She earned her Bachelors in Entrepreneurial Management & Marketing, and is currently pursuing her Graduate degree at CSUSB. Mariatu is the founder & CEO of Tu Organics Salon & Spa, a premier full-service eco-friendly organic beauty salon in the Rancho Cucamonga. Living her dream of offering high-quality professional hair care using organic hair color and products, Mariatu attributes her success to the top education, care and guidance she received at CSUSB.


CSUSB Entrepreneurship Student Feedback:

Not only did the program meet my expectations, it exceeded them. This was due to two factors: the material covered, and the instructors in the program. The first, the material covered, helped me to realize everything that an entrepreneur deals with when starting a new business venture. The material is vast and includes a little of almost every business aspect a person can think of. From accounting and finance to product development and supply-chain management, the program goes in-depth in all business aspects of starting a business venture. What made the vast information understandable was the dedicated instructors. They were willing to give up countless hours in order to make sure every student understands the material.

The setting of the entrepreneurship classroom is like none other I have seen on campus. I feel this set the tone for a different type of class. Classes became more of a discussion instead of a lecture. Participation increased - 75% of students would participate instead of the 25% norm from other classes. I began to learn not only from the instructor but also my fellow classmates.

I believe that any major, whether it be psychology, music, and everywhere in between, can benefit from the skills obtained in the Entrepreneurship Concentration. Whether it be networking or enhancing your own business by maximizing profit, exposure, and the operational efficiency, the skills of the Entrepreneur program can really be used everywhere.

It is very apparent that the program is designed for the success of the student,/b>, given the vast amount of resources offered. I really feel the spirit of the entrepreneur is demonstrated effectively throughout the curriculum.

I loved my decision to pursue another degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. I loved all the courses and I had a great experience meeting and interacting with all the different professors. People don't realize how amazing this program is here at CSUSB, and we are really under looked for the amount of knowledge that is being taught in this department. I look forward to one day returning to CSUSB and acquiring my Masters for Entrepreneurship, and I thank the amazing staff for their dedication and commitment to our students.

This program took me out of the mindset of being a student and took me into the mindset of being a business person. It has taught me a lot more way beyond the classroom.

The courses forced me to forget about that way of thinking and learn to think of the world differently. The classes challenged the view I had of myself. Through these classes, I was able to see myself not only starting one business but many businesses. I see myself as being more creative, more confident and more of the person that is likely to dream big and not settle for the status quo.